Mike Henry Does It Again

Mike Henry Does It Again - Episode 7: Greg Heller

My guest is one of my oldest friends and one of the funniest people on the planet: Greg Heller! Greg and I discuss our pivotal roles in the San Francisco music scene, list a whole bunch of cover songs he loves AND hates, play a trivia game based on one of Greg's passions, then cover a punk rock gem from 1995. Enjoy!

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Mike Henry Does It Again - August Bonus

I recorded this mini-episode in my car to explain why, due to a significant event in my personal life, the August episode has been pushed to September. A quick disclaimer: I was dazed and sleep-deprived when I recorded this (you'll understand why if you listen) so I tend to hem and haw a bit. Sorry about that. I appreciate it if you bear with me! 

But wait... THERE'S A BONUS! An indie rock legend covers one of my original songs! No, I'm serious. Also, there's a bonus to the bonus! Listen! Enjoy! THANKS!

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Mike Henry Does It Again - Episode 4: Jimmy Pardo

This month's guest is an incredibly funny comedian and the host of my personal favorite podcast Never Not FunnyJimmy Pardo! Jimmy walks me through the genealogy of his high school band, shares some great stories about his favorite bands, plays a game about love songs, then he and I rework a lesser-known gem by his favorite band Chicago. You'll be glad to know he's "loving music again." Enjoy! Share! 

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Mike Henry Does It Again - Episode 2: CeCe Pleasants

My guest is the wonderfully talented and funny CeCe Pleasants! What's sex ed like at a performing arts school? Which drug did CeCe's grandmother hand out at a heavy metal concert? Whose posters did CeCe have on her walls? Listen and find out! Also, CeCe plays a music trivia game that's both fun and unnecessarily convoluted! Finally, we wrap it all up by covering a heavy metal one hit wonder from 1983. Which one? You have to listen to find out... just accept it. (That hint is much too good.)

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Mike Henry Does It Again - Episode 1: Tony Thaxton

My new podcast, Mike Henry Does It Again, has arrived!

The first guest ever is my incredibly talented buddy Tony Thaxton. Tony was the drummer for Motion City Soundtrack, is currently the drummer for The Pride of Erie PA, and is the host of the fantastic Christmas-themed podcast Feliz Navipod. Listen as Tony and I discuss movies about bands, playing covers live, and other topics before we launch into Tony's choice of cover: a terrific chestnut by British new wave(?) legends XTC. Enjoy! Share! 

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